Roles & Responsibilities

The duties and obligations of a Resident Fellow covers two specific areas, Administration and Students Development.


    1.1 Submit reports to the Residential College during the first week of month. For cases that require attention and follow-up, a special report shall be submitted promptly.

    1.2 Attend meetings / workshops / courses / training organized by Residential College.

    1.3 To oversee students and discipline to ensure UNISEL Residential College regulations are complied .

    1.4 Sending students for treatment to the campus clinic or any clinic / nearest Government Hospital.

    1.5 To give or get help in the event of any emergency

    1.6 Conduct spot checks of student rooms or hostel surrounding area.

    1.7 To assist the implementation of programs organized by the Residential College from time to time such as Minggu Tekad Siswa (MTS), College Enrollment and others.

    1.8 Using the facilities provided only for official event.

    1.9 Provide assistance to the Residential College in matters related to the Residential College.


    2.1 Guiding the College Representative Council (MPK) / Student Representative Council (SRC) in enhancing the activities of the hostel geared towards intellectuality, spirituality, leadership, community, culture, sport and recreation.

    2.2 Hold meetings and discussions with the students to establish fraternity.

    2.3 Concerned about the welfare and the problems faced by any student whether academic or non-academic masters and try to solve them through counseling or guidance.

    2.4 Encourage students to practice healthy lifestyle.